Thursday, July 28, 2005

Last week

Sick. Sick as a dog. Flu shot every year from now on, laziness no excuse.

Richard and pups arrived Thursday. We LIKE our new furniture, more room for dogs, and we like it even more now the man of the household has put it together.

Jake is a little superstar- potential agility dog, and maybe even obedience (shock, horror!). Clicker-connected in 5 minutes, sits, downs, walking at heel. Wow!

Gus is shy, but out of his shell, he's Mr Confidence. He and Jack get on like old buddies. He prefers to run along the top of the flexi-tunnel- instinctive backing?

Jack suffered some attention-deficit and puppy-allergy- had sharp words with young Jake, and was very annoyed by the Jack/Jake name confusion issue. But he really likes the new couch.

Muddy was in heaven- wrestled non-stop with puppies for at least 20 hours a day. Crashed and slept all day Monday after they left.

Sunday sheepdog training at Brookton, with Ivan Solomon. Muddy hasn't done anything since last time- we worked on sides, and keeping off. He managed okay. I was very happy with his short casting practice- went WAAY out around them, no cutting in at the top. But I need to remember to keep this drilling/homework type stuff balanced with the natural fun moving-sheep stuff, and keep up the praise. Muddy really is a soft little lad, tries hard, and only needs to be shown once or twice.

And yes, my lawn needs mowing.

First post

Well, finally we start a blog. The plan: occasional updates on what the boys are up to, and a place to stash photos.

This week is all about long hours at work, I'm tired and irritable, and we aren't doing much of anything. Weekdays have become an annoying interlude between the excitement of weekends, a time to look around the squalor of my neglected house and garden, and make insincere plans to tidy up one day.

I will go and edit some photos from last weekend, and post them separately.