Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trying again


What's been happening, you ask?

In a nutshell...
Moving house for good- I no longer have a "Perth residence"
Kendenup dog trial
It finally rained!!!
Came home to find the kitchen ceiling caved in
Emergency trip to Perth, dropped Sally off with Kriszty the lifesaver, who will supervise the whelping
Landlord informs us potential buyers are coming to look at the house- still sans kitchen ceiling
Sally has 6 pups- 3 boys, 3 girls
Still raining
I crash the car- into the landlord's gate
Return home from car-crashing outing to find the big white gum has split in half, crushed my dog-mobile and knocked the power line off the house, to dangle on the weld-mesh back gate
Still raining

And some extra good stuff:

Richard looking spunky in rubber and PVC:

Awww- now hold still while I cut your tail off!:


Computers and I- not a good mix. How on earth can I convert .MOV files from my digi camera to a format (AVI or whatever) that I can edit with Movie Maker and upload to YouTube so people can actually watch them?