Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Perspectives on yardwork

Today J and I went to "help" R drench a few lambs. Since I'm usually superfluous and even burdensome, I decided to get in the way more than usual by getting a few photos of the dogs at work from some different perspectives. I even tried out the manual functions on the camera- next thing you know I'll be reading the manual!


Charlie and Baby J discuss the game plan:

Bill in the big yard:

Jake on the ute:

Baby J directing the action:

and doing a bit of classing:

Young Jessie (Jake x Diva) getting her first yard experience:



Muddy backing- he was quite enthusiastic, I'm wondering if I might enter Tarwonga after all:

Pendalup Tess, R's recent acquisition, came from Peter Gorman (and was quite a successful 3 sheep dog for him), just needs lots and lots of work:

Jim (Fly's brother, UK dog), getting down and dusty:

R and Tama (NZHDxcollie)- R likes this photo, so I've dutifully included it. Tama may be making his debut in the yards at Tarwonga soon:

Bella and Jessie, holding in the force:

Jim and Jess in the stubble:

Muddy and Bill, on their way to the dam for a swim:
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