Friday, May 27, 2011

Sheepdog training weekend

On the 4th and 5th of June, a sheepdog training weekend will be held at Nan and Murray Lloyd’s property, west of Darkan.
Come anytime after 8.30 am.

This weekend is for anyone who is interested in learning more about training sheepdogs, needs some help with their dog or wants to learn how to start a pup the right way.

Or perhaps you are interested in sheepdog trialling, and would like some information. If anyone out there is thinking of giving trialling a go this year, this would be a great start.

Experienced handlers will be available to offer help and assistance. And also some inexperienced handlers, like me, just to offer moral support and proof that even the incurably incompetent can enjoy working sheepdogs...

Accommodation can be arranged if necessary
Cost will be $20 and a plate of food for anyone staying the night. Those who just wish to come for the day please bring a plate of food.
Cooked breakfast will be included for anyone staying over night.

For more details ring Nan Lloyd on 97361043.
Or email

Come along, but wear long trousers, gloves and some heavy duty pest repellent, because in the wilds of Darkan you may encounter one of these:

or even these:

and possibly lose a finger.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Up to Date

So... since I last was here:

It didn't rain.

I got around to finding my Kendenup trial photos, wrote a blog about it, didn't post it. Will do eventually.

We ran out of house water, R spent many hours driving back and forth to town with the tank for more water.

It still didn't rain.

The paddocks all around went as dry as I've ever seen them, with not a blade of grass or even weeds surviving uneaten.

We started having to shut sheep out of paddocks where the dams had dried out.

Our ancient kero water heater finally gave up the ghost and disgorged its contents all over the back verandah, thus emptying the house water supply yet again.
Back into town went R and the tank truck.

The cracks in the plaster in the front of the house followed through with their threats.
Still no rain.

All the sheep got drenched. Mike Scott came up to help with Tig and her daughter Badger.

Charlie died, suddenly, of kidney failure.

It was Easter. And then it rained. Not a lot- maybe a total of 25mm over a week. But it's made all the difference.