Saturday, January 05, 2008

Random farm photos

Richard and the auger:

R, Muddy and Bart:

GO!!! Fly, Bill, Bart, Jack, Muddy:

Jack-the-dog and Muddy:
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For Andrea

Some scenic shots of home:
Sunset over the shearing shed-

Over the ram paddock-

Looking down the hill from up near the shed, last night-

Running the dogs in the evening-
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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Veggie gardens and a walk with the dogs

I'm actually starting to get into this homemaker stuff. I'm not quite a domestic goddess, but I did sweep and mop more than one floor today, did multiple loads of washing (AND hung them out!!) and cooked dinner before 7pm. I also wafted around the garden carrying loads of compost, garden scraps and grey water for the veggie garden, barefoot with a child slung on one hip, so I get points towards "crunchy mom" status and can visit Denmark for the Easter Markets and wear tiedie with pride.

The veggie garden is going smashingly well, despite gloomy predictions to the contrary from certain sources:

Even the lettuces are flowering, and they're certainly the tallest in the district:

We'll have a bumper crop of Roma tomatoes:




and it looks like the "grass" I almost weeded out today is actually coming up in rows, exactly where I flung that old expired sweetcorn seed:

Jack was pretty chirpy today, considering his awful day yesterday and poor night's sleep. His crawling is getting faster every day and he's into the cat bicuits before I can say "snacktime". Cruising is still the preferred mode of transport though (after mum's hip) so it may not be long before he's walking. "Very advanced!" as Kriszty's mum would say.

Didn't run today because R was harvesting and didn't get home until after 10pm. The contractors are running behind due to alternating rain and harvest bans for searing heat, so they just got started today and now are racing against the incoming thunderstorms.

To compensate, J and I took some of the dogs for a walk, out to the White Dam paddock for a swim and then up to 100 Acres. It was one of those hot blanket days where the air half smothers you, but J and I both enjoyed the outing.

Summer dam:

Through the gate- Sally, Secret and Pinky, Ziggy:

Ziggy spots the rams under the tree by the white dam:


Zig and Pink in the White Dam:


The retirees: