Dogs/Pups Available

Started and trained dogs
We have a few young/started dogs currently available. Please contact us on (08) 9833 6309 or nabudi @

Retired, rescued or rehoming dogs
We often have or know of dogs from various backgrounds looking for a new home. They may be suitable for pet or sport homes or light working duties, but the important thing is that they find the right home.


Nothing available at present.

We no longer sell puppies to agility homes.
However there are a number of WAWSDA breeders who have the occasional pup available and suitable for dog sports. If you're looking for a new working-bred sports dog, either give me a call and I can refer you, or check out the recent breeders list on the WAWSDA website.

Pups from other breeders

Please see the WA Working Sheepdogs website for breeders and available dogs.