Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Young Ones

At Albany.

Mac’s Ben10 (Mac’s Elvis x Pendalup Tess) ben10

Used to be cute:
 Mac’s Finbar (Boylee Fred x Fly- imp UK) finn

Never really cute, but makes up for it with personality:
Euroa Moss- aka ‘Moffy’ (Grassvalley Tod x Glenview Ruby) moffy

Very cute in triplicate:
Boylee pups (Bellview Dale x Boylee Mustard, Boylee Tobie x Boylee Speck)collie pupscollie pups 2 
The one on the right kept saying “Take me home!”
So R did.
Boylee Copper (Boylee Tobie x Boylee Speck- Fred and Bill’s full sister) copper

Crazy cute:
Ramulam pup (Ramulam Jacko x Binnaburra Tammy) kelpie pup

Incredibly crazy cute:
Another Jacko-Tammy pupkelpie pup 2

Dangerously cute:pkelpie pups

Molly’s pretty cute herself, but now she has more cuteness than anyone can handle:
Jandoree Molly (Boylee Sid x Boylee Elly) molly

Eleven times the cuteness!
Olboa Ben x Jandoree Molly pups
molly pups

And Queani (hanging out at home) thought she had her paws full with eight…  
Boylee Fred x Daheim Queani pups
queani pups edits

Sometimes, I think I just can’t take any more cuteness…
And then this happens:

Or this: fb mushies
fb tennis balls  gb stick gb welly      

Farmboy, Ginger Biscuit, you kill me dead.

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Karen said...

Too much cuteness! The ginger biscuit is growing up, and glad to know she has a real name:)
A couple of really cute kiddos, and the pups are pretty cute too!