Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happenings- Part 2- State Agility Trial

Muddy's first trial!

After 3 weeks of intensive weave pole training, things "came together" this week... (pun intended). He weaved his first set of straight poles at training this week, not as fast as I'd like, but considering the training he's had, I'm proud of him. And yes, he did it in the ring!

The States are a double trial, morning A + J, afternoon A + J, with the top 5 (or 4? or 6?) dogs going through to the finals, run in the evening. I had trouble managing both dogs- Jack is used to the trial situation, but needs a few minutes warm-up before running. Muddy was generally stressed out by the whole environment, and did not like being left at the car with Billy while I ran Jack. He jumped and barked and paced and was a real PITA. He didn't seem to drink while I was away, and when I'd return his tongue would be hanging out, panting like he'd run miles. I didn't feed the dogs in the morning, and Muddy was intensely foody, and wouldn't play with his toys at all- although I think this was also stress. He walked through the practice weave poles, and just wasn't interested in interacting with me at all.

Because he was on fairly early, our morning runs weren't so bad, although I did feel like I had a totally strange dog out there. No solid stays like in training- I couldn't leave him at the start line, he felt twitchy, and kept looking over his shoulder, so I didn't try. He stopped on the dogwalk contact, and lay down!? He weaved! Straight in, no worries! And, worst of all, he was SLOW! Maybe not real slow-dog slow, but not the long jumping freight train I've been enjoying in training. On the plus side, he did handle well, turning away neatly on the rear crosses. He went clear in both agility and jumping, qualifying for the finals.

1ST - Guirmere Nifty Lad (BC) S Hogben (WA) 26.09
2ND - Dash (BCX) A&P Tidswell (SA) 27.37
3RD - Hotnote Electric Dreams (BC) N Thompson (WA)> 29.9
4TH - CH Borderfame Mystic Charm (BC) H:M Bell (WA)> 31.25
5TH -Mudhoney HT (Kelpie) S Weaver (WA) 31.35
6TH - The Understudy JD (Cairn Terr X) BelAdele Knls> (VIC)
7TH - Tanderra (Std Poodle) N Lally (WA) 35.72

1ST - Faux Pas CD ET (Kelpie) K Alteruthemeyer (WA)> 21.59
2ND - Moruada MGM Grand (GSP) L Poprzeczny (WA)> 22.41
3RD - Mudhoney HT (Kelpie) S Weaver (WA):22.65
4TH - Tanderra (Std Poodle) N Lally (WA) 27.62
5TH - Ptolomy Choc Chip CD (NSDTR) S Gee (WA) 21.81> NON QUALIFYING

The afternoon- well, best not mentioned, perhaps. He looked absolutely exhausted from all his feral stresshead craziness (despite being crated or in the car while I ran Jack)- and just did not want to be there. He slow-cantered round the agility ring, and although he did his weaves and contacts (stopping again!?!) neither of us were having fun. He ran past the last jump, and we kept going back to the car. Jumping was not as bad (because it wasn't possible)- I wound him up a little on the start line, and he was slightly quicker- we went off course early, and kept going, but I still felt like I was dragging him round the course by his ears. Yurggh.

Jack was his usual good honest little self, and seemed to really enjoy being back at a trial. He sat up as we drove in the CAWA gate, and obviously felt someone needed to announce our presence. That used to be Kal's job, but since she's no longer here, Jack took over the job of whining and yapping.

He had some nice runs- nothing spectacular, although we did run some nice dogwalk contacts. He got another MJ leg ?! and qualified for the Masters Agility final.

1ST - Domino AD JD (BC) G O'Keefe (WA) 19.62
2ND - Jak AFCh ADM JDM (BC) R Shawyer (NSW) 21.61
3RD - T CH Ceilydh ADX JDX (BC) Y Haynes (WA) 21.77
4TH - OC Xena ADM JDM (Germ Coolie) D McCulloch (SA) 22.04
5TH - OC Bryrae Lady Inka ADM JDM (BC) D McCulloch (SA) 22.12
6TH - Indie ADM JDX (BC) G O'Keefe (WA) 22.71
7TH - Zac CDX ADM JDM (BC) G Leek (ACT) 23.07
8TH - Jess UD ADM JDM HT (BC) K Cumming (WA) 23.29
9TH - Winpara Cosmic Soul CDX ADM JDM ET (BC) R Stockdale (WA)23.46
Q - Tamtarn Pipers Star ADM JDM ET (Beardie) J Lucas (VIC)
Q - Kimba CD ADM JDM (M Poodle) V Nemeth (WA)
Q - Gorbash Ziggy's Girl CDX ADM JDM (Staffy) J Jenkins (WA)
Q - Candy (Spaniel X) K Nichols (WA)
Q - Vansitar The Remarkables CDX ADM JDM ET (Dobe) D Shephard (WA)
Q - Vansitar Café Noir CD JD ET (Dobe) L Tayler, V Brennan, T Fuller (WA)
Q - Gateacre Choc Twirl AD JDX (BC) G Kisielnicki (NSW)
Q - Rex ADM JDM (BC) N Thompson (WA)
Q - Jake CD ADM JDM ET (BC) T Wansbrough (WA)
Q - Jack CDX ADM JDX HT (STCD) S Weaver (WA
Q - Gadhar Sweat n Cheers (BC) J Roger (NSW)
Q - Cricket ADM JDM (Smithfield) R Shawyer (NSW)
Q - Sweetsend Bundy CDX ADM JDM ET (BC) R Stockdale (WA)
Q - Edenbrae Westurn Mustang CD ADM JDM ET (BC) H Stathy (WA)
Q - Zac AD JDM (BC) A Tidswell (SA) Q - Diesel AD JD (Kelpie) J Lawrence (SA)
Q - Foxwood Gatekeeper (Man Terr) J Bronovich (WA)

1ST - Jak AFCh ADM JDM (BC) R Shawyer (NSW) 20.68
2ND - T CH Ceilydh ADX JDX (BC) Y Haynes (WA) 21.33
3RD - CH Rhonabwy Raven Ov Bear CDX ADM JDM ET (BC) S Tolhurst (WA) 21.43
4TH - Cricket ADM JDM (Smithfield) R Shawyer (NSW) 21.75
5TH - OC Bryrae Lady Inka ADM JDM (BC) D McCulloch (SA) 21.77
6TH -Jessie CDX AD JDX (Kelpie) D Williams (WA) 22.24
7TH -Ob CH Brynbank Magic Sunday ADM JDM (BC) A Houston (WA) 22.50
8TH - Zac CDX ADM JDM (BC) G Leek (ACT) 22.59
9TH - OC Xena ADM JDM (Germ Coolie) D McCulloch (SA) 22.86
10TH - Winpara Clan Lochinvar ADX JDM ET (BC) D Rose (WA) 22.93
Q - Lucratif Barb Wire Babe UD ADM JDM (BC) K Phillips (WA) 22.98
Q - Cheslynrise Rosette CDX ADM JDM (Sheltie) A Patching (WA) 23.11
Q - Hanafor Rousel Vieri CD ADX JDX (H Vizsla) L Sedgmen (ACT) 23.13
Q- Edenbrae Westurn Mustang CD ADM JDM ET (BC) H Stathy (WA) 23.61
Q - Winpara Cosmic Soul CDX ADM JDM ET (BC) R Stockdale (WA) 23.61
Q - Antoomi Brockies Boy ADX JDX (BC) S Thompson (WA) 23.72
Q - Jess Gunfa ADM JDM ET (Assoc) A Gunther (VIC) 23.73
Q - Vansitar The Remarkables CDX ADM JDM ET (Dobe) D Shephard (WA) 24.13
Q - Sam CDX ADM JDM (Lab) A Tidswell (SA) 24.15
Q - CH Kentish Red Storm Risin CD ADX JDX ET (BC) T Wansbrough (WA) 24.17
Q -Tioman Jacob UD ADM JDM ET (BC) P Scurlock (WA) 24.19
Q - Taytur Mist & Coulds JDM (T Poodle) A Gibney (VIC) 24.19
Q - Marsean Sky High UD ADM JDM ET (BC) D Rose (WA) 25.16
Q - Tahlia ADX JDM ET (GSPX) L Monahan (VIC) 25.37
Q - Christies Cocoacina CD AD JDX (BC) M Rogers (WA) 25.93
Q - Borderfame Crimson Skye CDX ADM JDM ET (BC) P Scurlock (WA) 26.00
Q - Jack CDX ADM JDX HT (STCD) S Weaver (WA)26.57
Q - Christies Maghan Lee CDX ADX JDX TD ET (BC) M Rogers (WA)26.67
Q - Cavregis Graduation CD AD JDX (CKCS) L Williams (NSW) 28.49

1ST - Brulana Satans Diamond UD ADM JDM (GSP) L Poprzeczny (WA) 44.81
2ND - Sam CDX ADM JDM (Lab) A Tidswell (SA) 45.01
3RD - Vansitar The Remarkables CDX ADM JDM ET (Dobe) D Shephard (WA)46.23
4TH - Sweetsend Bundy CDX ADM JDM ET (BC) R Stockdale (WA) 47.38
5TH - Jack CDX ADM JDX HT (STCD) S Weaver (WA) 50.06
6TH - Christies Maghan Lee CDX ADX JDX TD ET (BC) M Rogers (WA)51.85
7TH - #637?? 52.74

Late afternoon/early evening, the finals were run. Jack's Masters Agility course was something of a nightmare, almost undo-able for big or long-jumping dogs. I suppose we may have had some chance of doing well on the original course, but under the influence of some "influential" or "assertive" handlers, it was modified. We still did okay- got through all the tricky tight jumping bits (much better than most of the dogs) but his approach to the weavepoles caught me off guard, and I called him off, copping a refusal on the easiest bit of the whole course. Oh well. His contacts were lovely.

I tried something different with Muddy for the finals- took him walking around the rings along with Jack, and when Jack ran his last few runs, I had some kindly people (thanks Ash!) hold the kelpie. He was much more focussed and calm, although still not "normal"... Our Novice Jumping final was actually quite fun. He still wasn't quick, and was too distracted for me to trust him on the start line, but he ran, handled really nicely, and we got round a fairly tricky Novice course smoothly, where everyone else had either off-courses, or some wide turns, call-offs and near-misses.

So we won that one, Muddy has his first (and, I suspect, only) State title, and we scored some cool stuff (dogfood, chairs, big trophy).

The Novice Agility finals run was a shocker. It was a nice easy course, and we started well, he was fairly quick over the first few jumps. Then bang, we reached the table, and it was like the big SniffingHammer crashed down on Mud's head- he almost copped a refusal, but got up on the table. He seemed to have regained focus, we got over the Aframe into a dark corner of the ring, and BANG- the SniffingHammer came down again, and he spent so long wandering around sniffing that I had started walking over to grab him. I can't believe we didn't get a refusal (lenient Novice judging, I guess), but eventually he snapped back and we continued on, smooth but slow around the rest of the course (yes, he weaved again!) and clear.

So we came second in that ring, to the wonderful Rogan and Jaq Howle (go the red kelpies!)- and this year the finals count towards titles, so Muddy now has 2 legs to both AD and JD. Not too shabby for his first day trialling.

1ST - Rogan (Kelpie) J Howle (WA): 31.31
2ND - Mudhoney HT (Kelpie) S Weaver (WA):39.19

1ST - Mudhoney HT (Kelpie) S Weaver (WA):22.91
2ND - Moruada MGM Grand (GSP) L Poprzeczny (WA): 25.19

Now the bad news- we got home late, and exhausted (sunburnt, developing URTI) and I collapsed on the couch without unpacking the car. I heard car doors slamming late at night, and the dogs barked, but I thought it must have been the neighbours. Sadly not- it was some total f#$%wits taking their time emptying my car of everything, rifling through to find the bag containing my camera (and some textbooks) and my purse (luckily without any cash or ATM card) and stealing them. I can't even begin to say how very very angry I am, and I've been leaving tempting bags etc in my car since then, hoping they will come back. The police weren't at all interested (how surprising, not!) although it was interesting to learn that I have some close neighbours with a penchant for thieving. I'd love to meet them.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Final Royal photos

Bill, chillin'.
Bay, looking handsome and thoughtful, although he's probably thinking something obsessive and twitchy about fetching a ball, stick, leaf, over and over again...
Troy's Deco, jumping and looking wild-eyed and a bit scarey!
The crowd (and me and Jack negotiating the Aframe)

Even more Royal photos

Kriszty ran Bailey in the Teams qualifying events, because Ash had let her life get in the way of agility, and headed off to Melbourne for the AFL Grand Final.

And Jules and Samroc (the "Scottish imports") were their usual spiffy crowd-pleasing selves, although Jules disappointed many spectators by staying on her feet. None of the acrobatic performances of previous years, no somersaults, handstands, or dog-kicking. Sam
was even faster than usual (if that's possible), thanks to his streamlined flank, which left him 2kg of fur lighter, and showed off his rippling abs to the admiring crowd.

More Royal Photos

Sue H gives her knees a good workout running Nifty
Anne S and Nelson the flying goldie
Lisa P and Emmie (I think!)
Donelle S gets her running shoes on as Remee leaves the weaves
Aw, Samroc coming out of the tunnel (i'nt he sweet?)
Bailey in action

Happenings- Part1- The Royal Show

Lots of stuff happening, not much time to write about it.

The Perth Royal Show-
Jack's return to agility
as usual, had to be there at the crack of dawn every day, and still didn't get much room to sit/park dogs etc. And what is with the "supporters" concept? One particular group numbered at least EIGHT people "associated" with the competing 2 dogs- handler, owners, owners' friends and family, hangers-on-from-dog-club (some wearing sponsor's T-shirts, although they weren't competing)- all occupying chairs under the shaded area reserved for competitors, so while they enjoyed their picnic and chat, competing dogs were left out in the weather (heat and rain), with no protection from the crowd. Charming. Idea for next year- competitor + one allowed under the shelter- friends and hangers-on can sit in the public seating area.

We entered everything- first weekend, teams agility run-offs (we qualified in first place, yay!), teams jumping run-offs (not sure of place, but we made the finals- yay!). Jack was a little star (IMHO), running the only clear round on the agility course.

Monday Public Holiday- individual Masters and Open Agility and Jumping- well, we didn't set the world on fire, but Jack ran his usual honest, enjoyable rounds, and we got a couple of quallies, including Masters Jumping- what the?! Not too far off the places, either.

The final weekend: Teams finals. Our team didn't do so well in the agility, with at least 2 of the Masters dogs (Jack included) demonstrating their inability to run a straight line of obstacles ("too easy!") and culminating in Bailey's terrible crash off the dogwalk, cutting his leg. But in the Teams Jumping final, we held it together for enough clear rounds to win the event. Well done us: Kriszty and Jess, Karen and Soda and Angel the reserve, who was pulled out after Bailey's accident and ran like a little star, Ash and Bailey (he's okay, folks) and Jack.

The youngsters- Muddy and Bill coped admirably with the show atmosphere. Bill was his usual suspicious, over-reacting self, growling at anyone who looked at him too hard, but he adjusted and settled, and was even able to play and snooze at quiet times. Muddy shook himself silly for a while, but started settling when there was no action. The kindly working sheepdog people let both boys have a play on the sheep every day- Muddy was over-keen and ignoring me initially, although he was better behaved later on. Billy had his ?4th experience on sheep, and was so much fun- he ignored the crowd, and stayed off his sheep, worked calmly (most of the time) and learned to push between the sheep and the fence. He even worked for Richard (much to my chagrin- little traitor) and lay quietly outside the yards, in stark contrast to the Kwivering Kelpie.