Friday, December 24, 2010


fb drum

“When all the doors on my Advent calendar have opened, then it will start to snow! Then it will be Christmas! After I go to bed, there will be the clip-clop of hooves on the roof if you listen closely. Then the thud thud thud of boots. And Father Christmas will slide down the North Pole, and come out the fireplace- and he won’t get stuck because his sack is TOO BIG, because he’d be careful. He will walk down the hallway- clomp clomp clomp and the noise that he makes is Ho Ho Ho! And he’ll fill up my stocking with PRESENTS and fill up Kate’s stocking too, and he’ll put more presents under my Christmas tree. He’ll eat up his biscuits and drink his milk and take the carrot for his reindeer. Then he’ll fly away around the world!”
Farmboy, 2010

Have a wonderful Christmas, and may your stocking be as full!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What a week!

What a week…

hill scene


A week of warriors…

fb dam

A week of wounds…

(Bad Bill!)fb scratch

A week of wallies…

(namely Muddy, who finally met his match in the White Dam gate, which grabbed his back leg as he leapt over it, dislocating his hip. A month of crate rest for your sins, Muddy!)mud crate 

A week of wonder…

(Father Christmas at daycare!)fb santa gb doll

A week of walking…

(almost- cruising, anyway)gb lawn 2 

A week of waiting…

(patiently behind field bins, that always seem to be heading to the exact same place we are)field bin 1

“Oversize”. Just in case we hadn’t noticed…field bin 2


A week of wheat…

wheatheader 1header 2Watch out behind!header turnschaser bin 

A week of work…

(The apprenticeship of Farmboy is underway)r fbmoving field binfb dr crouchfb wheatwheat hand

Ginger Biscuit enjoys the end product  gb bun

gb sleep

What next, I wonder?