Sunday, April 30, 2006

For Sale

Right- so I've accepted that we can't possibly keep all the pups... Sally's litter are now 8 weeks old, and officially available for sale.


Boylee Bill x Ivanhoe Sally

Born 03/03/06 (currently 8 weeks), black/white ticked, black tricolour, short/medium coated pups.

Dam: Ivanhoe Sally (Paton’s Blaze x Woady Yallock Floss), small finely built bitch, wide working, strong eyed, athletic and biddable. Sally's a bit mad, very active and super-fast, just driven to do things, although steady and settled on sheep.

Sire: Boylee Bill (Boylee Pepper x Boylee Creamy), medium sized, keen and biddable, free moving dog. Bill is a honey- loves to work, toy-crazy and a tugging fool, but settled in the house and total cuddle-bunny.

Also available, older pups retained from earlier litter (we want to keep one, can’t decide!)

Two 14 week old bitch puppies, black and white smooth-coated

Dam: Daheim Queenie (El Shamah Max x Gibson’s Brooke), very keen but honest, easy to handle bitch, wide cast, reads stock well, natural pace, quiet calm working style. Medium sized with an athletic build, Queenie is high-drive without being manic.

Sire: Boylee Fred (Boylee Pepper x Boylee Creamy), great all-round utility dog, works well in paddock and yards, trials and farm, natural wide cast and pace, wonderful temperament.

Richard on:
(08) 98336309
0427 380271

or me on:

Monday, April 24, 2006

Pat the Dog

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So this is Pat... the name's really irrelevant at the moment, we can call him anything we like, he can't hear it anyway. Pat is a BEAUTIFUL little boy, full of beans and guts and go, just perfect material for a performance dog, but there's the deafness issue standing in the way.

Pat is a purebred working border collie (yes, really! no cattle dog blood), Bill's half-brother, and although he has some of the best sheepdog genetics in the state behind him, he's useless as a working dog, and with little chance of finding a home things could look bleak for Pat. Fortunately his breeder is as soft-hearted as they come, and is desperate to find him a home, so Pat has come to join us while we look for someone who can help Pat achieve his full potential.

Pat is 8 weeks old (DOB 22/02/06), wormed and vaccinated. He's a well-grown lad, and a bit boisterous with people and other dogs, but sensible- he reads dog body language well, and respects his superiors. He's going through a real bitey-stage, and while he can't be dissuaded from finger-munching with the usual squeal-growl techniques, he's a MAD keen tugger, and is easily redirected to a tugtoy. Pat seems to learn quickly, and seems more focussed on human body language than many pups his age. He's also got more bravado than sense at times, and hurls himself over any obstacles in his path. Obviously he's not sound sensitive, either! Pat has started to learn "sit" and "drop" to hand-signals, he's making inroads into house-training, and sleeps well in his crate at night.

For someone with as much guts and brains as Pat, and a sense of humour to match, this could be the adventure of a lifetime.If you're up to it, drop me a line, at

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sally's pups

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Connor and Myrtle

Mad Myrtle herself

Myrtle finds a brand new ball

Former "big heifer" Ziggy poses for the camera... ears on their way up!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Queenie's pups - clockwise from top left: Dot, going to her new home this weekend, Daisy, Meg (formerly Snip) and another of Daisy. Posted by Picasa