Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More Bonnie and Chewy

Bonnie is the smaller, lighter coloured pup (the bone chewer and stalker), Chewy is the bigger boy pup, with the white feet (the crazy cavorting pup and stalkee).

My Christmas present- puppy breath!

I'd forgotten how sweet baby puppies are, at least in the short term, all that sweet puppy breath, podgy bods and reckless energy. Yes, there's the scratchy nails, the needle teeth, the poo and wee and heart-rending shrieking when they get upset, but for a few days at least, I love puppies!

Richard picked up the unwanted kelpie litter last week- one pup went direct to their new home, and the two most "out there" pups, boy and girl, now reside in their puppy pen on the back lawn. They are little crackers- fearless but with some common sense, very people focussed, love to cuddle, mad about tug toys, just sweethearts. They met sheep for the first time (scary but interesting- safest from between a person's legs), went to the vet for their vaccinations (terrifying!), and have enjoyed a few rides in the ute. They love their bones, shoes, other dogs and locusts to chase.

Hopefully they will find nice working homes (certainly well-bred for all-round farm dogs), or even agility/pet homes. If their aunt and uncle (Jessie and Buster) are any indication, they will be fantastic good-natured dogs, natural farm dogs and easy to train.


Well, here's Pippi- Richard's Christmas present to himself.

About 16 weeks or thereabouts, locally-bred Huntaway from imported NZ lines. Very very sweet girl, already has a big bark and is in love with Jack (the only other dog who doesn't understand the "eyedog games"). Unfortunately its not mutual, but he is being very tolerant, so maybe he does have a soft spot for her.

And no, I didn't know Huntaways came in cream either!