Monday, July 16, 2012

The aftermath

Sunday afternoon, we finished the workshop with a final cuppa in the shearing shed, it was still raining hard, and the wind was picking up. And up. And then it picked up a bunch trees, some of the tin and fibreglass from the shed roof, and whole lot of other stuff, and chucked it around all over the place.

Including our verandah.

verandah 1

This is the bit the wind left behind. verandah 2

This is part of the bit that the wind picked up. Now on the other side of the house. Unfortunately it did a bit of damage to the remaining roof on its way over.other verandah 2other verandah

You’ll notice that our house now has one less chimney. Sadly, the remaining one purely ornamental, and the one that actually connected to the fireplace is now sitting on top of Jake’s cruciate-surgery-recovery pen. We were very lucky that the pen had a roof, and the chimney didn’t end up on top of Jake.

other verandah 3

Every road around here had trees and branches down across it. A neighbour took four hours to travel 15km home.

samson rd

Aaaand… to top it all off, lambing has begun. Not my favourite time of year.