Saturday, April 25, 2009

The clip clop of little feet

A little something arrived today.

A little ginger something with a touch of blond,

with big brown eyes,

a rockstar hairstyle,

a fat spotty tummy,

and an indecent amount of facial hair,

No, it isn't one of the guys from ABBA (very very close, though),

It's Toffee!

He's sweet, gentle and handsome.

He's taught a bunch of local kids to ride, and now it's J's turn.
J's pretty happy about that.

Quiz, Blade and Jarrah are all excited too!

Toffee took it all in his tiny little stride.

He seems to believe "small" is merely a state of mind.

He isn't the only one around here with that attitude.

I think they're going to go well together.


Anonymous said...

Toffee looks gorgeous - Jack is one lucky boy to have such a great childhood. Looking forward to seeing pics of Jack riding him and having yet more adventures



Anonymous said...

I agree! Have fun Jack- I'm jealous :)