Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not long now

Such time wasters! And it's even worse when there's a small child and a camera involved.

Massive puppy photo splurge today, so again apologies to those uninterested. They're almost 7 weeks now, so it won't be long before they're all off to their new homes and we're just left with Gem.

Gem- formerly Squee:

Going back through the photos, I seem to have taken lots of Evie and Dark, and I think that's because they're the two I'm likely to see least of in the future. I miss them just thinking about it!

That's right, Dark (you little poser), you're going away to become a sheepdog

No, I don't think you'll be able to come home for weekends...

But I'm sure you'll have fun!

Dark stalking BabyJ:

Evie in the weeds:

Burying a spare chicken neck where no-one will ever find it:

Hey, Evie!

Evie contemplates her future:

Decides to put her best foot forward

Hopefully we'll be catching up with Boy and Squig fairly regularly around the trials

And hopefully I'll be wearing shoes when I do catch up with Boy:

You can't hide from destiny, Squig.

Or run from it.

You may have to vent your frustrations at our powerlessness in the hands of Fate on the black plastic instead.

They have really started to turn into little dogs now, in full control of their bodies (most of the time) and their mouths.

Evie and Gem on the move:

Up and down the steps:

Evie and Boy:

Dark (and yes, those are arum lilies, and yes, they really need to go):


Dark has words with Squig:

Squig, something tells me Dark hasn't finished that conversation:

Evie pounding Boy:

I asked BabyJ what the puppies in this photo were doing, and he said "Give a kiss":

Squig to Boy: "Come here and I'll give you a kiss!"

Squig vents her frustrations on a sibling:

The octopus is also taking a thrashing:

Evie thinks about making it a 3 way tug with Squig and I think Boy:

Dark joins in too:

Gem gets in on the action:

Evie, Boy and Gem:

5 way tug- I think Gem emerged the winner!

BabyJ will probably miss them heaps.

No-one to help him with his dogwalk performance...

Squig: "Not like that!"

"Out of my way!"

No-one to help him stretch his jumper sleeves...

Good job, Evie!

No-one to jump all over him, scratch him and chew up his toys...

Maybe he will be pleased to see the backs of them!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Odd one out

One of these things is not like the others...

Yep, we got the DNA results back. And because I don't want to leave you in suspense any longer, I can now reveal that 80% of the litter are Tom's offspring, and 20% are Fred's.

For the less mathematically able among us, that's 4:1. Which one, you ask? Have a look and see...

So there's Squiggle, the intrepid:

Navigating the black plastic jungle:

She's small and smooth,

and full of beans.
Wrestling with her sisters

There's the Boy:

Self-elected boss of the litter, and especially all chicken carcasses:

There's Squee, she of the increasing odd right iris:

Remind you of anything?

It might just be me, but I'm getting flashbacks to the little monsters that grew up into this sort of thing... Which is kind of expected, given that they're half-siblings/aunts + cousins.

There's the Dark girl, sweetheart:

And there's Evie, alternately Evil, Evieready and Even:

Evie and her chicken carcass:

Cold chicken in the garden on a summer's day- good times!

Apart from the blowflies...

Three girls- Squee, Evie and Dark:

Other group activities this week have included Baby-mugging:

And desensitisation exercises- here Squiggle works on "small children" and "people with strange things on their head" simultaneously ("very advanced", as Kriszty's mum would say):