Sunday, November 02, 2008

Only Fools and Horses

If R wasn't farming, parenting, sheepdog trialling or waiting on me hand and foot, he'd be playing polocrosse.

R's family have been playing polocrosse since way back when, which is a long way in Kojonup: the first polocrosse in WA was played here in 1950, and one of the major centres of the sport is just around the corner (walking distance in the old days when people actually walked places). R pretty much grew up there, like I did at the University, and it's a bit of a social hub for the district.

I love watching polocrosse, it's a fantastic spectator sport. I'd always imagined that polo was even more exciting, given that it's more well known and more expensive, but frankly, from a spectator perspective, polocrosse leaves it for dead. BabyJ and I went to watch the polo in Perth last year, and I nearly fell asleep. It's slower, it's less intense, and while it isn't a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon (especially with lots of champers and a picnic lunch), I'd rather be watching polocrosse.

Anyone can play polocrosse- they have junior, men's, women's and mixed teams at levels from pure weekenders to the top class, A Grade players, who take it pretty seriously. Most of the horses are stock horses (ASH) or thoroughbreds, often specifically bred for the sport, and they seem to really get into the game, chasing and blocking and jostling for the ball with little encouragement.

R's family have always had their own line of stockhorses- Jarrah and Blade are the only two still up for competing, but we're hoping to get one last foal out of Quiz in the next year.

So it's kind of a given that BabyJ will grow up riding, and probably play polocrosse. We need to find him a pony to get started on, because he's outgrowing Bill already.

And one of these days I'm going to learn to ride, too. I regularly look through the paper for an athletic allrounder that sounds promising, but the only horse R will let me near at the moment is the Horseland pony, and even then he's worried about me falling off.

Personally, I'm pretty sure I'll be as awesome at polocrosse as I am at everything else, if only I can find time to play in between excelling at 3 day eventing, showjumping and endurance. And once I can get Horseland Harry into a trot. Giddyup.

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Anonymous said...

Haha thats about the only access I have to a horse at the moment as well..but really, there is no excuse for you living on a farm and all (come on, Richard!)..hehe maybe I'll find one in the paper for you next time I'm down :P